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After spending a few years in Poland, do you feel that you would like to tie your future to this country? The next step to achieve this goal is to become a citizen of the Republic of Poland. Our immigration lawyer will explain below to you the ins and outs of procedure for obtaining Polish citizenship.

Citizenship vs. nationality

Nationality is a subjective element that identifies a person as a member of a certain society. It is primarily about an emotional bond and a sense of attachment to a particular community. Citizenship, on the other hand, is a formal relationship linking a person to a specific State. It involves the granting of both legal rights and obligations to the State.

Duties and rights of a polish citizen

Polish citizenship is associated with a wide range of rights and specific obligations towards the Polish State, such as personal freedoms and rights (the right to personal inviolability, the right to a court), political freedoms and rights (the right to participate in state elections), the obligation of loyalty to the Republic of Poland , respect for law and public order, concern for the environment, etc.

Polish citizenship

Recognition as a Polish citizen

The leading procedure for obtaining Polish citizenship is recognition of a foreigner as a Polish citizen. Application for recognition may be applied by a foreigner who meets the conditions stipulated by the law. According to that requirements a foreign national:

  • should reside continuously on the Polish territory for a specified period of time on the basis of relevant permits (e.g. a permanent residence permit, long-term resident's EU residence permit),
  • has integrated into Polish society and obtained documents confirming the knowledge of the Polish language,
  • adheres to the Polish legal order and does not pose a threat to the defense and security of Poland
  • has a regular and stable source of income in Poland and a legal title to the place of his residence (e.g.: title of ownership, lease agreement).

The application should be submitted to the provincial governor with jurisdiction over the foreigner's place of residence. The decision of the provincial governor may be appealed.

Granting of Polish citizenship

Another way to obtain Polish citizenship is to apply for it through the President of Poland. This application for citizenship is not subject to any fee. From the date of application to the issuance of a decision, the foreigner must have a valid passport. The President's decision to grant or refuse to grant citizenship is discretionary. This decision cannot be challenged in court. Obtaining a positive decision depends on the individual assessment of the President. The application must be submitted with documents that will demonstrate the foreigner's connection to Poland and may contribute to a positive conclusion of the case - among others:

  • a valid residence card of the applicant or a certificate of registration of residence of an EU citizen,
  • decisions permitting the foreigner to stay in Poland,
  • documents confirming current sources of income,
  • additional documents confirming the foreigner's attachment to the Polish state and contribution to society (e.g. letters of recommendation, opinion from the employer etc.),
  • documents confirming the foreigner's knowledge of the Polish language.

When choosing this option, you should expect long waiting time for a decision and uncertanty as to the result.

Polish citizenship and EU citizenship

A foreign national who has been granted Polish citizenship automatically becomes a citizen of the European Union. Consequently, he/she is granted the related rights such as:

  • freedom of movement and settlement on the territory of EU member countries,
  • participation in elections to the EU Parliament,
  • the possibility of obtaining funding, e.g., for conducting business activities.
  • consular protection abroad.

If you have lived in Poland for some time and want to obtain Polish citizenship our immigration attorney may assist you with obtaining that goal. Our immigration lawyer will guide you through the entire administrative procedure, prepare the documentation and make sure your application is complete and meets the requirements for its consideration.

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