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Your immigration lawyer - how can we help with legalization of work?

Seeking for advivce on legalization of work or
obtaining a work permit?

Legalization of work

We help employers legalize the work of foreign nationals in Poland. Our legal assistance is aimed to minimize the risk of downtime in work of workers and to make sure their work is done legally. We provide advice to employers on how to employ foreign nationals. Our legal services in this area include representation of employers before the relevant authorities, legal advice and consultations.


Our legal assistance includes:

  1. consultation in the field of employing foreign nationals,
  2. comprehensive consultation on the relocation of employees,
  3. optimization of the process of employing with aim to guarantee continuation of work by foreign nationals.

Legalization of work, assistance in obtaining a work permit, optimizing of employment

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Our immigration lawyers provide services in the field of immigration law for foreign nationals and for employers employing foreign nationals in Poland.

We advise foreign nationals in dealing with legalization of stay and work in Poland. Our immigration lawyers we provide legal advice and representation in administrative proceedings before the relevant administrative authority.

We help employers legalize the employment of foreign nationals in Poland. The legal assistance includes legal counseling and legal support in obtaining various types of work permits.
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